How To Live With Excellence In A “Good Enough” World

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Good Enough

Are you familiar with the phrase “that’s good enough for government work?” Everywhere we turn, it would seem that many people settle with just “good enough” in the majority of areas in their lives. They settle for good enough in their work. They settle for good enough in their personal lives. And, they settle with good enough in their relationships. Welcome to the world of mediocrity.

Those of us in a passionate pursuit of renaissance living, though, know that this is not the best attitude. Sure, there will be times and occasions where we will be in a hurry and can only do what we can do in that moment. What I’m talking about here in this post is a general, overall attitude. People who never push themselves to go to the next level in their lives and their work. If you were to boil it down to its simplest level, we’re talking a general attitude of laziness.

Going To The Next Level

So, if you’ve just been living a life that’s just been good enough to get by, what are the steps to break out of this attitude and mindset and get to the next level of excellent living?

Here are a few steps I’ve found helpful in getting to a higher level in my own life:

  • Change your attitude. Don’t accept an attitude of “good enough” any longer in your life. The people who are living incredible lives in today’s world do not live by the motto of “good enough.”
  • Demand the best you can get. Related to the first step, the next step in a change of attitude is demanding and expecting the very best in all areas of your life. Don’t settle! Also, don’t allow those around you to manipulate you into settling. If this is happening with your family and friends, then make it very clear that you can’t settle for less than the best in your life.
  • Rinse your cottage cheese. In the book Good to Great, author Jim Collins lists the characteristic of “rinsing your cottage cheese” as a factor in taking companies from good to great. The “rinsing your cottage cheese” factor refers to an extremely disciplined world-class athlete named Dave Scott who would literally rinse his cottage cheese to get any extra fat off. He believed that being disciplined in this one, additional, small step would give him that extra edge in competition with others. So, what does Dave Scott’s example mean to you? Dave was a world-class athlete because he lived he an extraordinary, disciplined life. If you want to live a life of excellence, then you need to be ultra-disciplined in all areas of your life as well.

How’s Your Attitude?

Where do you find yourself, today? Has your attitude been one of just “good enough?” Or, are you trying to break free of that mindset and go to the next level in every aspect of your life?

I would encourage you, today, to embrace renaissance living. Experience the renewal process in your life. Change your attitude, demand the best, and be ultra-disciplined in order to get extraordinary results!


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