The Power of Life Detours: How Unintended Paths Can Lead to Awesome Things

Photo by Don Harder

Photo by Don Harder

Detour Ahead

Does the “Detour Ahead” sign strike fear in your heart while you’re driving down the highway? Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of that sign, either. I’m always wondering if it’s a short detour or a long one? Is this going to make me big-time late to my destination?

Now that it’s early summer here in the Midwest, state transportation departments are already busy at work repairing highways after a brutal winter. I’m starting to see more detour signs as a result. Motorists are having to leave their intended path of travel, take detours off onto side roads, and then eventually get back to their original travel path.

These detours can be fear-inducing, annoying, frustrating, time-consuming, and unwelcome in already busy, stressed-out lives. “Ain’t nobody got time for that” (credit: Sweet Brown) is a popular saying in our current culture that comes to mind.

As with road construction detours, so too in life, we have detours that take us off our intended path. These detours could be the result of accidents, completely out of our control. These detours could be the result of poor choices in our own sowing and reaping. These detours could even be the result of the bad choices of other people. Stuff happens.

So, whether the life detour is our own fault or somebody else’s fault, the key to these detours is our reaction to them. Are we going to get hopping mad and carry resentment around for the rest of our lives? Are we going to over-react at first before we realize that the detour wasn’t quite as bad as we originally thought?

The best choice we have at a time of detour is to just go with it. Embrace the detour and see where it takes us in the end.

Just Go With It

I can just hear you saying, “Yeah, Larry, sure. That’s easy for you to say. You don’t know what’s going on in my life right now. I’m on a major, lengthy detour right now, and I’m way off my intended destination path. I have no idea if I’ll ever even end up back on the right course.”

I get it. Trust me, I really do. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about my own life detour here: Moving From Broken To Superhuman: Your 5-Step Action Plan.

Now that I’m past that particular detour and back on the highway, I can truly say that I’m thankful for the detour. God is faithful and guided my path to better places. I’m a better, stronger person as a result of the detour. Even my barber (always a trusted confidant and advisor) says I’ve recieved a “double blessing” on the other side. I definitely agree with his assessment!

Amazing blessings can come through difficult times. I learned how to be a much better husband and a father as a result. I finally figured out how to manage stress and rest. I’ve been able to get in the best physical shape of my life. I’ve become a better writer. I’ve developed amazing relationships on my journey. I’ve read some great books that have shaped my mind and taken me to new and better places.

Each detour you encounter in life, you really do have a choice. You can fight the detour. You can be mad about it. You can allow it to make you a bitter, depressed, unhappy person.

Or, you can just “roll with it” and see where the detour takes you. Chances are, you can learn some cool stuff. You can meet some amazing people along the way. You can become a better but different person on the journey.

On my own life detour I went from Broken To Superhuman. God shaped me into a better follower of Him. All praise be to God for His amazing grace.

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