The Art Of Living And Moving With Confidence

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People Dig Confidence

People respect other people who are confident. In fact, let me go so far as to say that the greatest achievers on the planet are highly confident people. Life rewards the confident.

Now, I’m not saying that these same people never battle with fear. Every successful person has battled fear. The key with the successful, though, is that they know how to overcome that fear. They push past their fears and are able to move with confidence in the right direction to accomplish their mission.

Model Confidence

Think through some of the images of a person who models confidence. What do they look like? How do they stand? How do they move across the room? How do they sit at their desk?

Confidence definitely has a physical component. If I personally asked you to look and move as though you were living in fear, then I bet you could easily model that for me. My guess is that you would probably hang your head down, and your shoulders would be drooped. You would appear withdrawn.You might even get some nervous shakes. If I asked you to speak, then you probably would not speak very loudly. You might even have a quiver in your voice.

But, if we flipped it around and I asked you to model confidence, then I know you would be able to do that quite easily. You understand it. You’ve seen other people move confidently. You would stand tall and straight. Your shoulders would be back. You would stride across a room. You would speak loud and strong enough so that people could hear and understand you.

We all know how someone living in a fearful state looks and moves. And we also know what confidence looks like.

The interesting thing is we can move back and forth between these states by changing our physiology. We can put ourselves in a fearful state by modeling the attitude and actions above. And, we can model confidence by simply changing how we are standing, walking, and speaking.

The next time you find yourself in a fearful state, force yourself to change into the physiology of the confident. Watch what happens as you quickly move from fear to confidence. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Are You Living And Moving With Confidence?

Life rewards the confident. You may not like that statement, but it’s true. People like people who are secure in themselves. They respect those who are living in a continual state of self-assurance.

Have you ever evaluated how you move and talk? Have you ever taken a video of yourself in a public situation where you may battle fear (such as public speaking)? Have you ever sought out the evaluation of a trusted friend or co-worker about your confidence level?

Starting today, become more aware of your level of confidence. Work on taking it to the next level. Watch what happens as you gain more respect and eventual rewards as a result.

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